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Reaching 4 continents, 21 countries and more than 30 dealership points in the world, Modis has developed its dealership system according to Modis Dealership Principles.

The main reason why Modis is a strong brand in the field of Modern Living Rooms and its rapid spread around the world is that it works with dynamic, hardworking and experienced dealers with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We invite you to become an integral part of the Modis Family with the investment of the Modis Concept Showroom, which is a reputable and profitable business model.

-Turkeys Furniture Brand Containing Quality Materials and Original Designs.
-A strong brand specializing in the concept of Handcrafted, Natural Furniture.
-25 years of experience in the furniture industry.
-Continuous R&D and P&D studies in production.
-Rich product range with different design and price options.
-Quality, durability and safety understanding documented by international certificates.
-International dealer management experience with 4 continents, 21 countries and more than 30 dealers.
-Expert Export, Sales, R&D, Design and Dealer Development teams.
-A company that continuously invests to develop and improve its brand value...
- The expert and experienced Modis dealer development, sales and architectural team helps you choose the most suitable and profitable location among the dealer store options, taking into account criteria such as rent/performance, exterior, traffic, visibility, competition, luxury brand market, etc.

- The selected location is examined by the Modis architectural team and a free architectural project is created. The created project is closely followed by the Modis architectural team in the field during the decoration and all details are implemented according to the principles of Modis Concept Showroom.
If you wish, your Modis store will be delivered to you on a Turnkey basis, ready to be operated.

Extra Discount Support on Display Products
- As the Modis family, in order to reduce the costs of our dealership investors as much as possible, we offer 10% Extra Discount support on "Store Display Products" on a non-profit basis.

- As the Modis family, in order to reduce the costs of our dealership investors as much as possible, we offer 10% Extra Discount support on "Showroom Display Products" on a non-profit basis.

- With the help of "Modis Delbig CRM", which is developed within the framework of international dealership principles, you can prepare offers for customers and turn the created offer into sales. Thanks to the retail performance data tracked with Modis Delbig CRM, Modis offers you a more profitable business model by developing more accurate and effective solutions.

- Modis has been investing in its brand with advertising and communication activities since its establishment. For this purpose, it provides content and design support to the dealer investor for their advertisements and promotions.
Thanks to our image and social project communication activities in international, national and local media, we support you, our entrepreneurs, by keeping their showroom and markets alive.

- Modis is aware of how important social media and digital content production are in todays digital marketing strategy.In this context, taking into account the costs of our dealers in this field, it supports our dealers by managing their social media management and digital content production from its headquarters.
In addition, we periodically support the regional awareness of our dealers and the flow of customers to our stores by providing sponsored social media advertisements supported by digital content that takes into account the locations of our dealers.

- Modis delivers to you the product promotion catalog, brand brochure, design team training booklet, price list, special graphic design works, as well as many other printed materials and Modis branded promotional materials to make them available to the dealer personnel in an up-to-date and fast manner, where its products and services are introduced.

- Dealer Development Department, which we have created within Modis, aims to provide you with the most prestigious service in the industry. Our department differs from other brands in that it has no equivalent in its field. In the development of our dealers and our business, our experienced Expert Dealer Development Team constantly visits our valued dealers in the field, provides technical information about our new design products, listens to your suggestions and problems first-hand and develops solutions. You can get on-site support from our expert staff who analyze dealer dynamics on many issues from trainings to display and product management, and you can cooperate on processes related to our factory.

- In order to ensure that your design-sales and assembly team provides services at Modis standards before the opening of the dealership, free training supported by visual presentations is provided by our "Dealer Development Unit".After the opening, our trainings continue to be given periodically within the "Modis Academy".

- Pcon Planner is an interior design drawing program belonging to a German company. Before the opening of our dealers, free "pCon Interior Architectural Drawing" training is provided by our "Dealer Development Unit" in order to ensure that the design sales teams provide interior design services in Modis standards. Since the product catalog section is constantly kept up-to-date, all our products are up-to-date. Thanks to the configuration catalog, we access the features of our products and the materials that can be used in the products. Pcon, which is very simple and functional to use and apply, can be used by designing your customers’ living spaces while they continue to visit the store.

- We have a free After-Sales Services (SSH) Support Line service that consumers can reach for purposes such as reaching Modis dealer sales points, obtaining product and price information, requesting spare parts, following up on after-sales service (ssh) and performing warranty activation, and relieves your workload.
-Entrepreneurial spirit, diligence and faith in the Modis brand.
-The investors ownership of the business and actively following it.
-Solution-oriented approach that listens to the consumer.
-A high-potential location where luxury brands stores are located.
-Choosing a healthy building with appropriate exterior and current construction standards.
-The need to employ an Interior Designer in the Design-Sales team.
-Showroom area between 500 m² and 1500 m².

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