Founded as a family business in 2000, Modis; It aims to add aesthetics to living spaces with its original design approach, minimal products and years of experience in the furniture sector. Modis' safe and modern seat designs are the ideal choice for those who want to create a comfortable and useful space in their living spaces. Modis, which produces services in İnegöl, the capital of furniture, is an important brand that develops the furniture sector with its disciplined production understanding by using the knowledge and experience of the sector and successfully represents Turkish Furniture in the world markets. disciplined over 7000 m2 working area, researchers, people with particularly innovative and equal across Turkey, including the Middle East, the Balkans, Central Asia, Africa and performs emphasis on comfort and aesthetics sales concept in many countries in Europe.

Modis was first awarded the Quality Award at the 6th International Leaders of Branding Intelligence Summit (6th International European Quality Leaders Summit), organized by Lob's Europe in 2013, and was later awarded the 2014 International Consumer Quality Awards (international consumer quality quality awards) and 2015 Lob's Turkey Quality Awards, and has become a brand whose name is mentioned in the sector.

Modis, which brings the usual furniture design concept to a different dimension in a minimal line with its designs, aims to become an important brand in the sector with its achievements and design awards and targets new achievements with the principle of continuous development. In addition, it manages to distinguish itself from its competitors in the sector with the principle of equality, which attaches importance to safety as well as elegance in the products it produces. Thanks to values ​​such as unconditional customer satisfaction and successful R&D investments, it fully meets the requests of its users. Modis is the most well-known line of achieving an impressive appearance in living spaces with safe and minimal designs.